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I was born to speak all mirth and no matter

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June 26th, 2006

(no subject)

I had to write an article for my company newsletter for today. I sent it to a lady for approval, and she changed the entire thing! Well, I sent her version and my version to our editor, who basically said her version was crap. What now, biatch?

Hmmmmm. I keep having this weird heartburn sensation type thing. It's weird.

This weekend was pretty lame. Some parts were fun, like stuffing my face with tons of food on Sunday and getting really sick (har har...) and Jay and Katie came over and we watched a weird 80's movie and a Johnny Depp movie, mmm.

I'm PMSing though and it sucks, but things have been making me upset. Like Mark wanting to go to Europe with his friends even though I've wanted to take a vacation with him for like a year now. His answer to everything is Atlantic City... ooooh, how exciting, as if I haven't been there already. LAME-O.

GOD WHAT IS THIS HEARTBURN SHIT!!!! I feel like my heart is being suffocated.

Hahahah, I just got an email from a co-worker who is basically saying that the information in my story has to be used. Damn right it should be! The other story sucked hardcore. This is why I'm in communications and the other lady is in some other gay department. And, that's why they asked ME to write it in the first place!

Nothing else for now.

June 22nd, 2006

hardy har har

Dear shitty person who drives the shitty red Ford Freestar with the Cape May sticker on Trooper Road every day and works in my business complex,
HAHA I WAS IN FRONT OF YOU TODAY!!! FUCKER!!! I knew it was you behind me because you were driving like a RETARD, so freaking slow! LEARN HOW TO DRIVE. Those few times I got behind you on the road, I wanted to KILL MYSELF because you freaking SUCK! But today I got to laugh at you because I was in front. I just feel bad for all the fuckers who had to drive behind you.

Dear stupid lady in your stupid Mercedes,
You need to learn how to drive also. It's okay to drive the speed limit, really, you don't need to drive slower than that. MORON.

Dear water bottle lady in the cube near mine,
Why do you have so many empty water bottles in your cube?


I have not had Starbuck's coffee in 3 days. I COULD have some, except I don't really know how to work the coffee makers at work and I don't want to look like a retard. So, here I am, drinking this no-name brand for the 3rd day in a row. *sigh* That's what happens when they spoil us with Starbuck's and then there's none left in the pot.

June 20th, 2006

(no subject)

Pebbles is coming home with me this week, I am so excited! I really hope I can keep her. If not, Sheryl will take her. That makes me feel better since Sheryl is awesome :)

Mark is getting his wisdom teeth out... actually, his surgery started at 8 am, he is probably done now. He had 5 wisdom teeth! And I thought my teeth were strange. Luckily my one wisdom tooth is coming in normally, not sure about the others. But I've had 12 teeth pulled so I'm not scared if I have to get mine out (except if they knock me out, that scares me).

Speaking of Mark, last night he told me he's going river rafting on July 8. Then he got mad at me because I don't like the idea too much. Why can't he do something safer, like fishing or hiking? Then maybe I would actually go. But I'm not going river rafting. And it's the day after Karen's birthday, I told him he HAS to go to her party. I can't believe he would actually skip her birthday because he is going rafting the next day. He better not give me or Karen any shit, it's her freaking 21st birthday! I hate how he just always shoves off anything having to do with my friends. I also don't like how I want to go places, like the beach or Knoebel's or Assateague, and he doesn't want to go, but then he schedules this with his friends. I guess his friends are just cooler than me and my friends. Whatever...

Anyway. I was thinking about taking a veterinary course at Harcum College. Like an exotic animal care course. I don't know. I really like my job at PJM and I could go for my Masters in Communications at Drexel. Or I could get an Associates as a vet tech or animal center management. That would be good if I ever decided to open a guinea pig rescue. I know getting a Masters would be more beneficial for me, though. Hm.

So... I'm pretty sure Jay is supposed to come home today? I don't know, I haven't heard from her. I would call her, except it's like 3 am in Hawaii right now, haha. I was gonna call her yesterday but then I forgot. Hm, well, I suppose she'll call me if she's home. I can't wait to see her!!!!

Nothing exciting going on at work, same old, same old. There was no Starbucks coffee in the coffee makers today, that was upsetting, I had to drink some no-name brand. Haha, I sound like such a snot. Oh well. That's what happens when I get to have Starbucks every day.

More later?

EDIT: I was reading through my entries, and I noticed that I do complain about Mark quite a bit. I really do love him, though. It's just that recently, he's done a few things that pissed me off. We've been alot better the past month or so, as far as getting along goes. I really am trying. I don't mean to sound like a whiney bitch. I'm sure if he had a journal, he'd complain about me, too :) *sigh* I hope his surgery went okay...

June 18th, 2006

(no subject)

I don't know how such a nice evening can end like crap. I just called Mark and I wanted to tell him a story and he was all curt with me and was being an asshole. Seriously, he couldn't listen to me for like 2 mins? Jerk. I hate when he does that. And he never explains WHY he can't talk, and when he does it's some stupid gay reason. GRRRR. Fucking annoying as hell. I threw my phone, but it didn't break. I guess that's a good thing.

Well, I was going to write about my weekend, but I'm pissed. I think I'll go cry myself to sleep.

Happy fucking father's day. I hate you, God.

June 16th, 2006

I have an obsession.


I want her.

Still waiting for a reply from the owner...

June 14th, 2006

(no subject)

I hate when Mark watches movies. God forbid he pauses the movie to talk to me on the phone. What a jerk. All he cares about is watching some lame ass movie instead of talking to me. GOD. I don't think he realizes how aggravating it is, especially because I would pause a movie to talk to him and he won't do the same for me. Selfish bastard. I mean, I had to get Kyle to tell him to call me back. He calls me back and says he was gonna call me back, YEAH RIGHT, if Kyle hadn't said anything, that asshole would have never called. What a piece of shit he can be sometimes. It's so irritating and it makes me really upset that he's such a douche. ARGH. Great, now I'm just going to go to bed really angry and wake up really angry and my whole day tomorrow is gonna suck.

You know what also pisses me off? When people make fun of me or think I'm weird for having guinea pigs as pets. I like guinea pigs, GET OVER IT. I was really excited to make them a new cage tonight and no one cares, because I dunno, I guess it's weird or something. Whatever. People don't understand that these animals are my KIDS, not just animals or pets. They are my babies. And I know there are tons of other people out there who feel the same way I do (thank God). Sometimes I wonder if they get picked on as much as I do. People need to shut the fuck up and leave me alone about my guinea pigs.

I also don't like when people don't answer my fucking emails!!! CHECK YOUR EMAIL AND REPLY, DAMMIT. Assholes. I think I've sent like 10 messages this week with no replies so far. It takes 2 seconds to write back and click send. WHY DO PEOPLE SUCK?????

(no subject)

Oh my GOD, people need to stop being such whiney bitches! I'm so tired of hearing people complain about finals. These kids go to Drexel to be engineers, and all they do is complain about how much work it is. Um, YEAH. Drexel has one of the best engineering schools in the country, of course it's going to be alot of work, and engineering isn't exactly the easiest subject. So if you can't handle the work, or you can't handle people having "easier" classes/lives than you, THEN SWITCH YOUR FUCKING MAJOR OR STOP COMPLAINING.


In other news, we are updating our internal website at work and I have to make this whole database/archive of the daily newsletter. It's easy, just time consuming. You know, I just realized how sweet this job is going to look on my resume. Attention world: You CAN get a good job as an English major. I also get to do the entire weekly report for ALL of external affairs! I feel special, since that's the Executive Admin's job. I'm doing it cause she won't be here tomorrow. Wee!

Horseback riding was good yesterday. It was REALLY hot, I thought I was gonna pass out. And Megan made me jump like 500 times because I wasn't sitting right. But at least I got over the jumps, some of the girls kept missing them. Well, it was still fun. I love Marvel, he's a great horse! We have off next week and then I start on Thursday lessons.

That's all for now.

June 13th, 2006


I am at work right now, how exciting! Today I was in a film shoot for an HR video. That wasted about an hour of time. And I got a free bagel out of it.

I have horseback riding after work. I'm so tired, I just feel like sleeping. But I have to go.

Last night I went shopping with my mom. I got 3 tank tops, a skirt, and 2 pairs of sunglasses (since Maura broke my other pair!).

I just printed out Mark's summer class schedule. He's only taking 4 classes, 3 of which are accelerated so after the 1st half of the term, he'll only have one class. And, no classes on Fridays. That bastard! Hmph.

June 12th, 2006

here I am

Well, I seriously have not written in this thing in a year. I thought it would be good therapy for me to write my thoughts down, so I'm back. Not that anyone cares, haha.

I am on co-op right now and I have a pretty sweet job. I work in Corporate Communications of the company that runs the power grid. Everyone is so nice here and my job is pretty easy and I get paid big bucks (for a co-op, that is). Can't complain. I really do like this job. I was thinking about getting my Masters in Communication from Drexel, and this place will pay for tuition with no tuition caps (assuming I can get a job here after I graduate with my BA in English).

I have two guinea pigs now! My oldest is Piggy, he is about a year old, and a month ago I got a 2-month old named Meeko. They are both silver agouti / broken white Americans, and Piggy is crested. I have them in the same cage now but Meeko is a little devil so I have them closed off from each other. But I love them so much and they are so cute! I'm totally guinea pig obsessed, haha. They're great pets though.

Mark and I hit some rough spots a month ago but we're okay now. I think it was because I moved out and he's lonely during the week since all his friends are busy being engineering students. But we had a few long talks and we came to the conclusion that our relationship can last, we just need some changes (alot are on my side, what with my anger problems and such). But everything is getting alot better :) And I'm hoping Ryan will move out for co-op so I can move back in with Mark.

And JAY is coming home next week! I'm so friggin excited, I haven't seen her since December. And she's staying for a while too, from what I understand, because of some problems she had out in Hawaii with her work. We'll definitely be going to the Renaissance Faire and making lots of shady trips to Wawa :)

I joined the Drexel University Equestrian Team (or DUET, as we call it). It's alot of fun, and all the girls are super nice. We ride at Ashford Farm in Conshohocken. I really like our coach Megan too. It's nice to ride again - I even jumped a little last week! I miss my old barn, but Megan understands us because she's only a few years older than us (my old instructor was an older man) and I think I feel more comfortable with that. We'll be showing in the fall in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA). Should be fun :)

I guess that is all for now. Peace kids.

April 2nd, 2005

(no subject)

I hate the news. It's like, there's some important issue, and then as soon as another important issue arises, the prior issue just disappears. Today, it's all about the Pope. Two days ago it was about Terri Schaivo. There's virtually nothing about the Terri Schaivo issue anymore now that the Pope is practically dead. I'm rambling, whatever.

Kyle and I picked out an apartment today, 1114. The bedrooms are huge, the living room is small, but I'd rather have my bedroom be bigger anyways, and I get big windows! And no stupid roommate! Yay. We can move in June 4th.

I seem pretty happy right now, but I'm really not. It's 4:42 in the morning, I can't fall asleep, I spent an hour crying in the bathroom, my knee hurts from Tom being a moron, I feel like shit. I really don't like school anymore, in fact, I don't like anything. If I could sleep all day, I would. I have no motivation and no ambition. I really just feel like... nothing.
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